MAA Update on Mestinon Supply – 9 January 2023

Good news for the new year! The latest indication from iNova and via the TGA website is that the Mestinon 60mg supply shortage has been resolved sooner than expected.

Wholesale orders for Mestinon 60mg have been despatched and wholesalers started receiving stock at their warehouses from 3rd January 2023. It is estimated that pharmacists should then receive and be able to dispense Mestinon 60mg approximately 10 business days after this.

This means the process for your Mestinon 60mg is essentially back to ‘normal’ and pharmacists should place orders directly with their wholesaler and not with iNova.

For the 180mg/Timespan, the supply shortage remains current and Medsurge continues to fill orders for 180mg under Section 19A. This product is subsidised by the PBS and you take your normal prescription to your pharmacy and your pharmacist then contacts Medsurge to place the order.

A reminder that it is worth putting in your scripts earlier than usual for either 60mg and 180mg to ensure you receive your next lot of Mestinon before you run out.

Susan White, MAA Chairperson 

Natalie Windle, MAA Secretary 

Glenda Bidner, MAA Board Member