Myasthenia Alliance Australia

Through contact with Federal Government Departments, National organisations and Australian individuals with an interest in this condition, the Alliance provides a targeted forum for issues of national relevance and significance. In addition, the State Associations liaise at a local level providing direct patient support.

The MAA Board Aims to:

Pursue collective endeavours of mutual benefit via co-operative and supportive deployment of resources, project a unified voice on issues which fall under the national regulators, advocate for best medical treatments to benefit individuals in each form of the condition and encourage and support research into all forms of Myasthenia.

How do the State Associations work with the Alliance?

  • As Health Departments are managed at a State level contact with these bodies can only be made via a registered State Association.
  • The MAA is a formally drafted and signed Alliance of the State Associations and facilitates recognition at a Federal level.
  • The Alliance deals with Health Policy matters drafted by the Federal Government.
  • All research opportunities are supported and encouraged by both the MAA and the State Associations.
  • Enhancing available treatment options is a priority. The MAA helps with this.
  • Raising Awareness of MG and the Patient journey is a collaborative goal for all the organisations.

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Do You Need Support?
The Myasthenia Alliance of Australia is proudly supported by Australia’s State Associations. If you’re needing help, please visit one of these sites:

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Did You Know...

Myasthenia gravis affects about 20 per 100,000 people worldwide. The prevalence has been increasing in recent decades, which likely results from earlier diagnosis and better treatments leading to longer lifespans for affected individuals.

*Jan 22, 2019