Myasthenia Alliance News Update

June Awareness Month is being extended!
How exciting that there is a huge push across the nation for greater Awareness of Myasthenia Gravis. It is happening in June with wonderful Light Ups across Queensland and in other cities throughout Australia. This is definitely a growing campaign. Well done to the MGAQ for adding new sites again this year and for having signage prominently displayed on the Story Bridge in Brisbane and on the Bruce Highway at Glenorchy (South of Maryborough). The MAA are very proud to continue this good work and delight in announcing the launch of an Australia-wide “Art with Heart Auction” in support of our condition. This Art Auction will run through until October and will have a focus on Art Therapy with the lead item for the Auction being a painting by our very own Lyn Church. Lyn is an award winning Artist from the Gold Coast and she also sufferers with Myasthenia Gravis. News from Lyn will follow over the coming months.
The first step in this Awareness endeavour requires us, our strong and committed Myasthenia community, to reach out to our families, friends, neighbours, workmates, health professionals, government representatives at all levels and everybody to ask for contributions to the auction. By doing this we are creating conversation! Conversation is information! Information is awareness! Contributions of all types (large, small, service based or tangible object) will be greatly welcomed. Please call to discuss if you are uncertain Freecall 1800 802 568. And, please do get behind this MAA campaign. Together we chip away for a better life for all.

So how are we progressing in the field of research?
The latest project “Covid Impact on Myasthenia” is off to a fantastic start with 90 completed surveys. Feedback resoundingly agrees that this survey is quick and easy to complete and very relevant for everyone with Myasthenia. It is definitely not just for those who have experienced Covid. These numbers mean that we are half way to the targeted 200 responses. The survey will close off in mid-July so be sure to participate and maintain our strong reputation of interest in fostering best care outcomes for people with our condition. Help the Doctors help us!
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And now for some more good news …
The Victorian community is invited to a discussion about being Associated and having a meaningful Government voice and a co-ordinated support system. Sue Floyed is offering the framework to make this happen.

Visit the website:

I look forward to hearing about the many Awareness activities happening across Australia this month. Best wishes to all.

Susan White- MAA Chairperson