ART WITH HEART – An initiative of the MAA

“The Myasthenia Alliance Australia (MAA) is very proud to continue the good work occurring with International MG Awareness Month in June by announcing the launch of an Australia wide “Art With Heart” Auction campaign in support of our condition. It is our second time hosting this event and we are hoping this year goes well enough for this to be considered every second or third year. We are hopeful it becomes the signature event for Myasthenia with ongoing support and awareness. The AWH came about when one of our members, Lyn Church, donated a beautiful piece of her artwork to be used to raise awareness of myasthenia. The committee agreed to take this on as an initiative to get national awareness and involvement of the whole MG community. It was decided that the Art with Heart project would run as an online auction with artwork donated by MG community members and the public.


Help us raise awareness –” Speak Out and Spread the Word!”

This became a major undertaking by the MAA and a first attempt to create widespread conversation.
This event is targeted towards strengthening our MG community by providing interaction as a group in a fun and positive manner.

It is also very much about raising awareness of Myasthenia Gravis throughout the broader community. Build community awareness by reaching out to social groups and NGOs.
Become a sponsor. If we want to ask for understanding from others or acknowledgement from medical providers, they need to be familiar with our condition.

The first step in this awareness endeavor requires us, our strong and committed Myasthenia community, to reach out to our families, friends, neighbors, workmates, health professionals, government representatives at all levels and everyone to ask for contributions to the auction.
By doing this we are creating meaningful conversation! Conversation is information! Information is awareness! Contributions of all types (large, small, service based or tangible object) will be greatly appreciated. It is up to us to help others become better informed so that they can support us.
This may result in better workplace options, better support in the general community or more informed engagement with health care providers.


What are we asking you to do to make this event successful?

⦁ Please donate items or ask others if anyone would like to contribute.

⦁ Share the news as widely as possible. This can be done by:

a. Focused conversation

b. Via emails

c. Sharing on Face-book/Instagram etc


Finally, we need people to bid at the Auction when it opens in June.

The AWH initiative is fully supported by the State Associations and now hopefully by the MG community across Australia. In our newsletter we are asking you to let your local politicians (State and Federal) know that you have a rare disease and that there are obstacles to getting the care needed for a rare condition. Telling your politician about the AWH campaign and referencing the MAA website really helps. Getting an appointment can take time so please persist.

Pave the way to improved resources and care. All money raised will be used by Myasthenia Alliance Australia to continue the vital work of bringing awareness, providing advocacy, and supporting research for the Myasthenia community.

It is time to dig deep for the Art with Heart Auction proudly hosted by the Myasthenia Alliance Australia. All the pieces that you see in the auction have been lovingly donated by Myasthenia Gravis Warriors and their supporters. Please see the flyer and auction kit for specific details. Call 1800 802 568 to discuss if you are uncertain.

Please do get behind this MAA campaign. Together we keep working for a better life for all.

As Pablo Picasso said, ‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.’