Discussion Paper Regarding COVID VACCINATION

In response to the many and varied conversation from the MG Community in regard to the safety and considerations to be made in evaluating the suitability of the MG community for COVID vaccination, the MAA are indebted and extremely thankful to Associate Professor Stephen Reddel (neurologist), and also to those as listed by Dr Reddel, for bringing to us a highly informed discussion paper, inclusive of data, aimed to provide informed guidance on these many questions.
Dr Reddel has put a great deal of time into sourcing the best possible information. An example of this includes joining International Conference meetings at 3am in the morning. The Discussion Paper, will be made available to all Australians in electronic form via this link
We invite you and your families to read the information gathered.
For MGAQ and MGNSW members, every financial member will receive a hardcopy of this 10 page document and where details are provided, an electronic copy will be sent. The MAA Board aim to reach out to as many patients as possible via every known communication source. Please do share the information with fellow MG friends and with your Doctors.
The Discussion Paper is designed in two parts to provide a document suitable for the Patients and also for Clinicians. Please read the introduction from Dr. Reddel to understand more. We strongly recommend that people share this document with their Specialists and with their General Practitioners as they seek information regarding the best choice for their individual situation. Providing the document to your clinicians in advance of your appointments will allow them adequate time to consider the information carefully and to do further research as required.