Make a submission to PBAC about a new complement inhibitor treatment, Zilucoplan

A new treatment for AChR+ generalised MG, Zilucoplan (brand name Zilbrysq ®) is on the agenda for the next Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) meeting.
Make a personal submission highlighting the lived experience as a MG patient by completing the online form here by Wednesday 29 May 2024.
A submission is essentially about sharing your story of living with MG with national decision makers as they consider the benefits, costs, and delivery of new treatments. As we are quite a diverse bunch of people and each of our journeys is a bit different, an individual submission helps demonstrate the importance of having different treatment options to give us all the best care and quality of life.
Recent research and patient feedback show that there are still unmet needs and a burden for MG patients in Australia. The vision of the MAA is timely and equitable access to the best available treatment that most benefits each patient. We hope to achieve this by ensuring treatment options are available, accessible, and affordable.
The Consumer Submission can be downloaded as a Word document from here:
The Consumer Submission can be downloaded as a PDF from here:
PBAC Consumer Submission for Zilbrysq (Zilucoplan) – May 2024
Please read the attached guidance document for more information. If you have any questions, contact us at: