Recommendations on the use of a 3rd Primary Dose of COVID-19 Vaccinations for People Severely Immunocompromised

Exciting news!

The Federal advisory body ATAGI (Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation) has recommended a booster/supplemental Covid-19 vaccination for those who are heavily immune suppressed. The Health Minister has indicated that this will be available from 11 October. This gives the MG community a chance to strengthen our response to the vaccine and increase our safety. It is available in the period 2-6 months post the second vaccine. The MAA strongly recommend that everyone on immune-suppressing medications/treatments discuss this opportunity with their treating Doctors. Pfizer and Moderna are the vaccines suggested for this purpose but the AstraZeneca vaccine can also be considered. ATAGI also state that “Serology assaying is not currently recommended before or after the 3rd doses as variations in assays and a lack of accepted correlation of protection make interpretation difficult”.

More details can be found here

Dr Stephen Reddel will be producing an updated “Covid-19 Vaccination Discussion Paper – immune-mediated neuromuscular diseases” and this will be distributed as soon as it comes to hand. 

Please note that supporting documentation will be required to obtain a Covid-19 3rd vaccination and currently this does not seem to be readily available so perhaps make enquiries when booking.