MG Versus Mgen

An unfortunate media release occurred in July this year.

In discussing the Sexually Transmitted Infection, Mycoplasma genitalium (Mgen), a reference was made to this condition using the acronym MG.

This is not the standard abbreviation used for this condition but unfortunately, it was picked up by the journalists as a good headline.

The article was shared with multiple media outlets and came to our attention via concerned members.

Many letters have been sent from the Alliance highlighting the difficulties which may result from confusing the conditions.

Whilst controlling the use of acronyms is not an achievable objective, discussing ways to strengthen the use of the acronym Mgen for Mycoplasma genitalium became our gaol.

Contact has been made with clinical researchers, major Australian Universities, Australian Sexual Health and Public Health organisations, the International Journal of Epidemiology and with sister organisations around the world including the MGFA in USA and Myaware in the UK.

Overall, the response has been very supportive particularly from fellow Australians.

Our sincere thanks are expressed to these Organisations and Individuals who are now aware of Myasthenia Gravis and have offered their support in maintaining clarity between the two conditions.