Rituximab Questionnaire

A questionnaire was made available regarding access to this treatment option.

Many people responded and the shared information was diverse.

Many people have not been offered this treatment.

For some, it has been discussed but it has not been a viable choice for varying reasons.

For others, this treatment has been used and for most, it has been provided by a major hospital for no or little cost to the patient.

There are a number of people who have chosen this treatment but have paid ALL or at least part of the cost themselves.

Sums, up to the value of $16,000.00 p.a. have been reported. Private Health Funds seem to be providing varying levels of assistance – usually above the policy requirements.

An introductory letter has been sent to Minister Hunt to discuss this varying availability.

Currently, the plan is to submit a more formal letter to Minister Hunt prior to the end of the year.

Additional supporting information continues to be sourced.

Whilst it is hoped that this matter can be successfully raised with the Minister, any resultant outcomes are quite unknown.