The Australian MG Story is Now Told!

The MAA are proud to announce that the Patient Reported Outcomes Study, which was strongly supported by the Australian Myasthenia community, is now referenced via an article in the Journal of Clinical Neurosciences – Clinical features, treatments, their impact, and Quality of Life for Myasthenia Gravis patients in Australia.
We congratulate the researchers Janet Sansoni, Nidhi Menon, Lachlan Viali, Susan White and Steve Vucic for their contribution of significant time and much diligence which has resulted in this comprehensive and impactful document.
The paper has been made available with free access until December 2023 and following this via the Journal.
The MAA gratefully acknowledge TerumoBCT’s significant contribution to this project and for the opportunity to work in partnership.
There are significant and indisputable, evidence based findings highlighted in the document. These findings will support conversations with Government and Specialists, and will help others to understand the challenges of living with this condition. The MAA hope that further research projects result.
Susan White
MAA – Chairperson.